Do You Want Change With That?

We survived September. As a family, as an affiliate, and as a CrossFit community. It doesn’t look the way I thought it would, but being open to change has opened some doors that I didn’t even know existed.

cure staffFor one, a local affiliate owner reached out with a generous invitation. “Bring your athletes, your coaches, your classes and your affiliate here. No strings attached.”  As the details of that began to work themselves out, we have each found some gaps in our business model that the other fills nicely- so it’s shaping up to be a longer term venture than just a few weeks. More on that once its official.

The commercial space we secured is in a good location, and there’s room to grow if need be. Since it was an expense we weren’t looking to take on yet- there’s been quite a change in my personal living space. Hugh and I moved from 5000 square feet with a pool and hot tub on 3 acres to a cozy 1200 square foot apartment. We even signed a year-long lease so that we can keep our life simple while running the box. You know what? It’s great. It forced us to pare down to the essentials, freeing up time and attention for more important things.

athletesAll this change that seemed so painful and unfair has made me reflect on the changes I had to make to even be in this position. The obese and frustrated woman I was 4 years ago didn’t have these cares. Starting a CrossFit affiliate. Caring about our athletes individual goals to the point it keep me up at night. Living in a body that isn’t an enemy.

I spent 30 years wanting to change my body, but unwilling to change my mind. Despite proof otherwise, all those years I wanted a binge diet to “save” me, to change the way my body looked. Most of you know I did some really dangerous and drastic things in an attempt to shed my obesity. I refused for so many years to accept the simple fact that eating “meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar” is the simplest way to change your body.

Yes, there’s portion control. Yes, you can do it as a vegan. Yes, you can have slice of pizza now and then. My daily intake isn’t limited to those food, although most days I don’t choose to eat “outside the lines”. Last week, while we were moving things (literally) into 6 different locations, my diet was nothing to brag about. At least once a day, I had an on-the-go meal that was not a good choice. I had a slice of pizza. I had delicious burger (hold the bun, but leave the cheese!) and tater tots.  I even had some KFC one day. But then it was done.

I don’t feel like I “failed”. I had a rough week. They happen. It can’t turn into a rough month or a rough year. And I know it won’t. Because I’m no longer the person who was held ransom by her food choices.  I didn’t undo two years of hard work. I didn’t undo anything. I took a side road, and I knew all along it was going to link back up with the path I have chosen.

I want this for all of you who struggle with obesity. The freedom to not fear food. I promise, once you really believe you CAN have it if you really want it, the desire to overindulge is quieted. Even silenced. You may believe you want to change, I know I did for over two decades. But I wasn’t willing to change the way I thought, I was only willing to change the way I looked.

If you’ve been avoiding the simple solution, give it a shot. You have nothing to lose, and everything to change. If you don’t know where to start- reach out. I know the road well.


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