Dear Me, Trust Me

Dear Me 2 Hours Ago,

I know the last thing you feel like doing is heading to the gym. Even though you planned to start today, it feels like everything is against you. That fire you had last night when you set your alarm faded the second your friend’s text arrived.

“Didn’t sleep well, not working out.”

Just go. Even if all you do is walk in the door and half-ass a workout while the rest of the group burpees with wild abandon, you’ll have that dreaded “first day back” done. Trust me. You won’t regret it.

Dear Me 15 Hours Ago,

It’s 10:00 pm and we made it a whole day eating the way we planned. I know this morning we weren’t sure if we would actually stick to the plan today, but we did it. We didn’t try to do anything crazy, for once. Getting that workout in started our day right. I need you to get up and make that happen.

I also want to tell you that if you walk past the donuts today (the ones you don’t know about yet)it’s going to feel like a victory. And that victory will taste better than the sugar laden lump of dough you think you can’t resist. Resist it. Chalk up another step in the right direction. It’s going to feel so worth it tonight. Trust me.

Dear Me One Week Ago,

In just 7 days, you are going to start experiencing a new kind of hope, one based on the reality of what you are accomplishing. You’ll have made it a whole week without any secret midnight eating at the fridge. You will have avoided the regret of the drive through window. The scale will be down a couple pounds and instead of being disappointed that it’s not more, you are going to celebrate that you are making progress without waiting for the current “diet” to be over.

There’s lot of small decisions for you to make this week that will start adding up to more confidence that you the one in charge this time. Not some stupid diet plan. You get to decide what to eat. Every meal. You’ll start to trust yourself. Trust me.

Dear Me One Month Ago,

I know you can’t even picture this day right now. You are still lying in bed trying to decide if you are going to the gym. What if I told you that a month from now you will be down 14 lbs and you’ll have completed 17 WODs? Get up and knock out number ONE! I just want to reach back in time and pull those covers off you. It terrifies me to think what will happen, how much longer you will wait if you don’t get up now.

Today matters! Trust me.

Dear Me One Year Ago,

I’m begging you to hear me. This year is going to fly by. You are going to have some hard days. Some days when you want to eat like the old you and stay in bed, but you won’t. Even though some of the days seem rough, when you look at your progress you won’t believe how fast it’s actually gone. You’ve let so many years go by where you promise yourself almost weekly that you are going to change your habits. Having 52 weeks behind you of success is better than you can imagine.

Passage of time

You win this time.  Your good decisions add up, as the pounds lost keeps climbing. I remember the day we hit 25, then 50, then 80. I remember the day we were halfway done. I remember the day the goal was closer than the starting point, and we could see it approaching.

But you are still laying there, thinking that another day lost doesn’t really matter in the whole scheme of things. It does. I don’t know what was triggered on that day, but it’s something I don’t want you to miss.  All you have to do is get up and go. You have all that you need within you for the change that is about to occur. You don’t need a partner. You don’t need a new guru. You only need to trust me like I trust you.



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  1. Fifteen years ago I was nearly kicked out of the Army because I was out of shape. Now I’m 9 years into my CrossFit journey and have been coaching for nearly 3 years. As both an athlete and coach, this hit close to home and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for writing from the heart.

    1. Mike, Thanks so much for your kind words. I just saw this- as you may have seen September was pretty brutal for us.

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