A Different Kind of Jump

I have a day job. Although my husband likes to joke that my CrossFit workouts interrupt the time I spend listening to CrossFit podcasts and reading CrossFit material, I spend a fair amount of time running a business that we built together.

We run a real estate brokerage that works exclusively with Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees around the country, liquidating assets and negotiating with banks and other creditors. We’ve been in this industry for a decade, and the decade before that we ran a traditional real estate brokerage.   As the economy has improved, our real estate business actually suffers, as it is reliant on over-encumbered property. The natural thing for us to do now would be to diversify back into traditional real estate.

To stay in real estate is the logical thing to do. To consider transitioning to completely different industry seems counter intuitive. But there’s a force driving us to do just that.

Over the last two years, I’ve become a true student of CrossFit. Not just the workouts and the nutrition as is applies to my own health, but the potential this program has to affect others. Especially those who believe, as I did, that it’s completely out of reach for them. I’ve read, listened to and watched affiliate owners talk about their mistakes and also the best decisions they made. I’ve visited dozens of boxes and seen some that are obviously well run, and some that make me cringe a little.

Every day, I’d add something to my “If we open a box, I’m doing that” list.

When I saw Coach Glassman’s inspirational lecture  where he referred to CrossFit affiliates as “lifeboats” for the “tsunami of chronic disease” that is coming, the “if” turned to “when”.

The “when” quickly became now. In May, we applied to become a CrossFit affiliate, and in June, we were approved. CrossFit Cure was born in our garage.

I can’t say with any sort of certainty when or if we will be able to leave our Real Estate days behind us. I really hope that happens. In an hour with someone in the kind of shape I was in when I started, I feel like I could convince them of their own potential and start them on the path to reclaiming their own life. To be able to do that multiple times a day, and witness the exponential impact on lives as those folks pay it forward- that’s what I dream of.



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