Meeting Coach Glassman

I look at the title of this post and I have to pinch myself. I met Greg Glassman.

The man who created the framework that saved me from an early grave. The man who determined that fitness could be defined as “constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity over broad time and modal domains”. The man who created a way to measure that definition, every day.

My name is Kai and I am a complete and total CrossFit nerd.

I read or watch every piece of content the CrossFit Journal publishes. I participate, speculate and get nervous over every single CrossFit Open workout, although I will never be in in the .01% that will make the Games.

I simply love, respect and advocate for what CrossFit brings to the table.

Although it took me almost 2 years of participating in the WODs of  CrossFit to acknowledge and embrace that the foundation is actually nutrition, the process of recording and analyzing a variety of data points to determine trajectory enticed me from the start.

This post was originally intended to be called “Attending the 18.4 OPEN announcement”, meeting coach Glassman overshadowed it all!

So, getting an invite to the OPEN announcement was nothing short of epic. Hugh, myself and a couple friends drove up to CrossFit Fury , a gorgeous box in Goodyear, AZ last week.

As we entered the room for the announcement, Tyson Oldroyd noticed me and gave me a hug! Nothing like rubbing shoulders with CrossFit royalty!

It was all surreal to me. Seeing Dave Castro, Scott Panchick, BKG..awesome.

But after it was over, I saw a man in a backwards baseball cap and jeans make his way out, flanked by the regal Nicole Caroll- and my heart skipped a beat. Or two. It was Greg Glassman.

What do you say to him? How do you express how much his work means to you, how many people he has affected for good?

In the end, I waved and grinned like a silly fan girl, and I swear her knew who I was. He strode directly over and gave me a huge hug. When I thanked him, he asked what he had done. when I told him he had saved my life, he simply said “You did the work”.

I did the work because he created the measurable tests of fitness. Without CrossFit, I would still be on another crash diet, thinking that as an obese woman, I needed to see a 10% drop in my weight the first 10 days for a diet to be successful.

And I’d still be getting fatter.


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