Step 3- Eat With Your Head

Before you start following step 3, you need to have fully implemented steps one and two. Please do not jump in here and think you can make this work without weighing yourself every day and accurately logging your food and drink daily. I know it’s a huge challenge. You want to cut to the action and start losing weight today. Although you may lose a few pounds by doing that, they won’t stay gone. You WILL have to start over. And when you start over, you will be WAY behind where you would have been if you started correctly at the beginning.

If you aren’t eating according to a plan you can THRIVE with, not just live with, you will eventually quit. If you do it my way, in a few short weeks, or maybe months, you will realize that you are done dieting forever. You will have the tools to adjust your life as needed and wanted to elicit change as the speed you desire, within reason.

Now that you know what your average calories are for at least one 10 day block, and you know your CMW for the last block, it’s time to adjust.  Lower those average calories by enough to elicit a deficit that will create a 1% (of your body weight) loss over the next 10 days.

Quick example. Lets say your CMW is 250 lbs and you have averaged 2900 calories a day for your last block. We want to see your CMW drop to 247.50 for your next block. That’s 2.5 lbs or an 8750 calorie deficit spread over 10 days. Your new average calorie goal would be  2050 for the next 10 days. It doesn’t have to be exact every day, you could do a couple lower calorie days and couple higher ones. Just don’t let the average vary over the 10 days by more than 100. Yes, we are sciencing the heck out of this diet thing.

Those calories are yours to spend any way you like. Every meal isn’t going to be an amazing experience. Sometimes you spend too many calories early in the day and you have to eat radishes for dinner. I recommend planning your food at least daily, so that you know what you are going to be eating.

I’ve experimented with a lot of different  ways of eating, and for my volume is the winner. I do not like to be hungry. I know it won’t kill me, but if I have the option, I’d prefer NOT to listen to my tummy growl all day. Lately, on the advice of Mike Doehla I’ve taken to delaying my first meal as late as possible into the morning. I used to eat at 6:30 am, right after CrossFit, and I’d be rumbling by 10:30 or so. Now, I eat my first meal around 10:30 and don’t end the day ravenous. Lunch is usually a HUGE salad with tomatoes, radishes. onions, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fat free feta and balsamic vinegar. It’s truly enormous and usually under 300 calories. I like to save a good portion of protein for dinner. But that’s me. What works for you may be totally different.

What works for you. That’s the most important thing. A lot of people want to know exactly what I eat, thinking if they copy my meals they will have the same results. You have to make the foods you love fit into your life, or it will never be permanent. I keep cheese in my life by using egg whites for my omelets and lean fish and chicken for most of my other protein. That allows me a couple ounces of cheese daily, if I want it. If I want a cocktail, I’ll skip the bread and crackers. Learning how to shape your individual meals, day after day, is what will work for you.

This is a really basic explanation of the process, but it’s the foundation you need to get started.

After you successfully complete one or two of the ten day blocks, you can adjust as needed. If you are losing more than 2% or less than .5% of your body weight, adjust your calories up or down. Accuracy is key, consistency is key. You can do this.


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  1. Hi! Do you have any suggestions re: portion control and calorie counting while eating out? My schedule makes it really hard to cook and although I try to eat out clean and have a decent nutrition/fitness background, I would like to be a bit more exact with my calorie counting. e.g. for a Tuna salad with no dressing, the restaurant gave me just a scoop of Tuna and it’s kinda hard to estimate how many grams that is. Thanks:)

    1. Sherry, Sometimes you can’t be exact. Ordering without dressing is super smart. I usually order my dressing on the side, just so that I can have an accurate measure of how much I actually use. As for things like the tuna..I’d say a couple extra ounces of Tuna isn’t going to make (or keep) you fat. Close is sometimes enough.

  2. How do you account for calories burned in a workout? Do you leave them as deficit Or add them back into your budget?

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