Average Jill Walks into CFHQ!

This is not my typical post.

As I sit here, trying to formulate coherent words about all the wonderful things that I have experienced the last month, I have to keep looking at these pictures to believe it really happened. That’s me standing next to Sevan Matossian, the Executive Director of Media and Content for Crossfit, after working out with he and a bunch of the media folks at CrossFit HQ! kai and Sevan

Sevan saw my Instagram and ended sending someone to interview Hugh and I when we took our L1 certification in San Diego last month. The L1 is a entire story that I will save for another post, amazing experience! Anyway, I also mentioned to Sevan that I had sent an article into the CrossFit Journal a few week prior to contacting him. He was kind enough to have the editor of the Journal take a look at it.

When I received an email from the the Journal editor stating that they were going to publish my story, it was an incredibly happy moment. I’ve been reading the journal for years. Having them publish something I wrote was huge.

After that was published, things got busy! I’ve been contacted by lots of folks who are in the shape I was when I started, looking for advice on how to start. I’ve also heard from a lot of trainers, wondering how they can help their obese clients. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to think I might actually be able to help, encourage and even inspire (that one still doesn’t feel real) others to take back their life and health. I’m really hoping to find a way to make this what I spend my days doing!

If all that excitement wasn’t enough, Sevan then invited Hugh and I to CrossFit at update deskheadquarters in Santa Cruz to participate in a Podcast and work out with some of the HQ staff. As it turned out, I was actually at HQ for my 720th workout!

The media team was incredibly kind and hospitable. I met people I have been watching, reading and admiring for a very long time. We toured the offices and the gym where hundreds, probably thousands, of world class athletes have left sweat on the mats.

I was pretty nervous the morning of the podcast, but by the time it started I was at ease; Sevan made it really easy for me. I haven’t seen it yet, and part of me still thinks they may have decided to scrap it after realizing they invited a VERY average Jill to the mecca of world class fitness and health. Even if that is the case, I am so grateful and happy to have had this experience.

I know with an absolute certainty I have conquered my food issues and I will never be overweight again. For that alone, I owe a debt of gratitude to the trail blazers at CrossFit who worked so hard to get the message to the public.   The methodology behind CrossFit is about so much more than just exercise. It applies to so many areas of life and health. CrossFit is the power tool in my health toolkit.


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  1. Kai,
    I just watched your podcast with Sevan, and it was absolutely inspiring. Congratulations on all of your progress, and thank you for sharing your story. I’m a CrossFit coach at a gym in Wyoming, and I would to learn more about how you measured your progression in the ten physical skills. I absolutely love this idea for athletes to see their development as they get measurably get better and healthier. What were your goals in these skills when you first started? I’m trying to convince my overweight, sedentary 58-year-old dad that if he does CrossFit for a little bit, he’ll be able to take his shoes off without pain. I would love to learn how to coach him through progressions to get him there. What sort of movements and scales did you use when you were first starting?

  2. i saw your interview, thank you for sharing!! simply amazing!! you are my hero for sure! i lost 82 lbs through running, but no strength. been doing CF for 9 months, my life is changed. especially love the tequila post…i need to break up with wine, you are an inspiration! i had a similar “gonna be riding the cart in the grocery store” moment. thank you again for sharing your life!

  3. I loved your podcast, Kai. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your story with all of us. How fitting that your 720th workout was with the HQ media staff. 🙂

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