The 5 lb Lunch

Some days, I just want to chow down. On anything. Today was one of those days when 3 oz of turkey breast over arugula with a dash of balsamic was NOT going to cut it for lunch. I have a plan for those days. It’s all about volume. I load up on nutrient dense, low calorie veggies avolume foodnd throw in a little fat for good measure.

For some reason, I crave radishes a lot. Lately those lunches have been comprised of about 20 radishes, 3-4 smaller tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and 4-5 green olives stuffed with blue cheese. The volume of food is pretty immense, but the calories are between 250 and 400 depending on what I include.

No, this isn’t a lunch I long for when I drive past the grocery store, as I might feel when In-n-Out comes into view. But it,s pure fuel for my life.  It keeps me full for the afternoon and saves me from thinking about food for several hours- not an easy feat.


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