Three Years Later

16 to 17It was three years ago this week that I got the nerve up to email the new CrossFit box and ask if they had a trainer that could take me on. I remember how it felt to move in that body. I remember the pain of getting out of bed; my hips and heels aching with each step.

Funny, if someone had told me that I would still not be at my goal 3 years later, I probably wouldn’t have been motivated to even try.  I wanted the instant fix. The 50 lbs in 60 days plan.

I’ve never done anything as physically challenging as CrossFit. I take that back. Being obese is much, much harder. But that was a hard I knew well. I knew how to give up on myself. I had done it over and over. Not giving up was new.

No matter how hard, how sore, or how scared I was, I kept going back to CrossFit. It’s been a slow journey to becoming capable at life. The biggest transformation I experienced is actually in my own head. All the “I can’t’s” have become “I have, I did or I will”.

In the above photos of me rowing, there is actually only about 12 months between them. From March 2016 to March 2017. Although my first two years in the box made me stronger, healthier and more confident, I didn’t lose a lot of weight because I hadn’t dialed in my nutrition to the degree that was necessary for me. My lessons from that are for another (to follow) post.


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