After an excruciating 19 days at the same weight, the scale mercifully dropped to 210. This was my third plateau of more than 5 days since March. It was also the longest, with the previous two being 9 and 14 days.  I will tell you what I did NOT do during the nearly 3 week stall.

I didn’t lower my calories. I didn’t switch up my macros. I didn’t increase my activity. Any other time in my life, my action would have been different. I would have dropped my calories to force a loss, and then rebounded from the sub-1000 level to a binge. My spreadsheet tells the story with clarity.  Each “low” in the past 13 years was immediately followed by a spike. A fall off the wagon. Another failure.

For the last 8 months, I have committed to eating whole, clean foods. I have also maintained a very active lifestyle,  more so than any time in my life. I have come to trust the process. I no longer panic when the scale doesn’t move for a few days. It would be very lovely if I could lose 1/100th of my bodyweight every day, as my handy spreadsheet projects as a goal. But, for me, that’s rarely the case.

I tend to sit for a few days and then drop a pound. Or I sit for week and drop 3 in one day. With my longer plateaus, I have tended to drop several pounds once I bust through them, which I certainly hope it the case this time.

Todays lesson? Don’t allow a stall to cause you to be foolish with your food. Stay the course.

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