October Surprises!

When I have a bad day at the box, I remind myself that not every day can be a PR. Some days, the victory is just showing up instead of staying in bed. That no matter how slow I am, I am running circles around the me home on the sofa. Once in a while those days string together and I will have a week or two where I feel like I have made no measurable progress.

And then there are weeks like this one.
I started October down 65 lbs from my 3/10 weigh in. I’ve lost a 5th grader. the illusive and long lost 100’s are in sight, One-derland. In less than 10 lbs, I will see a 1 as the first number on my weight. Its been a long, long time.

On Tuesday, I reached a goal that was monumental to me. Something I have dreamed of doing since May of 2014, when I started crossfit. Just about every day, and sometimes several times a day, we run a 400 meter warm up/cool down or that distance is included in the WOD. Its a 1/4 mile. Its nothing to most people. But I’ve gone from rowing 400 meters, to walking 200 meters, to walking 300 meters and finally 400. When I started adding little bursts of jogging, this year, I still felt so far from being able to run the whole thing. In fact, last month I ran to the halfway mark and was deliriously happy to have run that far without stopping to walk.  But Tuesday, I ran the whole thing. I wasn’t even planning on it. I just realized when I reached the halfway mark that I could keep going. As I approached the 3/4 mark, I knew I was going to make it and I burst back into the box beaming, nearly in tears. I’m actually making progress. Measurable progress. Not maybe, just yes.

The other thing I have been trying to tackle for nearly two years is an improved pull up. In January of 2015, I got my first banded pull-up, with the assistance of two, thick green bands. All of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, I kept trying to go down one size to a green and blue. Blue is the medium assistance band. No go. In March, I took a friends advice and went back to jumping pull ups, ring rows etc to build strength. After 4 months, I tried to use a green and a blue. No go. So I’ve been going between several techniques, and yesterday, I arrived early for class. I took a deep breath and loaded the pull up bar with a green, a blue and a red. I figured this would be a teeny step down from two greens. I decided to start with just the green and blue and was happily surprised to find out I could knock out 10 strict pull ups. Elated, I took off the green one and just used the green and the red. Again, I pumped out several. I wanted to shout out with joy. All this time, ALL THIS TIME, I have been trying to get better and stronger. Its finally happening. I’m one step closer to being able to actually do a pull up without bands. Measureable progress. Not maybe, just yes.

Later during class, I ran a mile with very few stops and beat my previous record by nearly a minute.

Then this morning, not only did I use the green and blue bands for pull-ups, but I did 60 of them! I had back up ready in the even I was fatigued, but I didn’t need it.

So its been a week FULL of PRs for me. After what feels like eons of incremental, glacial changes. All the hard work is so worth it. No indulgence tastes as good as being in control of your own fitness.

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