Nothing Tastes like Progress.

I’ve now shed 40 lbs since March 10th. That only averages out to about 8 per month. Had I known at the outset of this phase that was “all” I could expect, I’m not sure I would have been so dedicated about following through. But now, with each hard-fought and stubborn pound that disappears, my success bank grows. I started out with goal of losing 130 lbs. Now I need to lose 90.

I can’t say for certain what the turning point was. What made me to stop with all the uber-diets and get real with myself. I can say that this last 5 months was going to pass no matter what I did, so I am very grateful that I was motivated and consistent. It makes the next part of the journey much more certain, knowing that I can expect stalls and  bad days. But what it also shows me I can expect is success. I’ve lost about 15% of my bodyweight in 5 months. If I can repeat that success, I will be under 200 lbs by the middle of January, 2017. Numbers I haven’t seen for 13 years.

For meal, one day, one workout at a time.

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