A Little Bit Fit

A few months ago, curiosity got the best of me and I impulse purchased one of the FitBit fitness trackers. I know there are several brands that do something similar, but I chose this because my son and daughter-in-law have them and you can challenge each other and  it sounded like something I might enjoy. They were always talking about getting their 10,000 steps in (or trying) and I wanted to see what I was doing on average.

Talk about eye-opening. The first day I used it, I got a total of 3100 steps. I was disappointed and surprised. 3100? How was I going to get 10,000? Over the next week, I noticed that the evenings I worked out, I got a lot more steps. I was finishing the day with about 6500 on average, so I adjusted the goal to 7500 and actually started taking steps (no pun intended) to walk a little more. I started parking further from the store. I started volunteering to get things that were left behind. I wanted to see that number hit 7500 and see the FLASH telling me I had met my goal.

This was an unexpected result of the purchase. If someone had told me that Fitbit (or any such device) would make me up my cardio, I would have cracked up. I don’t know that it has the same effect on everyone. In fact, I have been told that you can “cheat” the counter by swinging your arm while you sit at your desk, but for me it was all about ACTUALLY accomplishing something.

In November, I started working out in the morning instead of the evening four days a week. I still have one evening workout on Mondays. That revealed even more about my habits. On the days I work out in the morning, I am more active ALL DAY, easily getting my 7500 steps in before the workday is through. On the evening workout days, I have to work to make sure that happens. I have tested and re-tested this, and walk an additional 2000 steps per day on the days I work out in the mornings.

Of course, pretty soon I had to start exercising on the days I don’t usually work out. I wanted to get those steps in! On the weekends, I started walking and jogging a couple miles. I discovered that a 2.5 mile distance gets me almost 6000 steps all on its own. I was so happy to see numbers like 13 and 14,000 on my wrist at the end of the day. I have lived in my neighborhood for almost 2 years, and this little gadget is the only thing that has made me want to get out and explore.

In conclusion, this has been an exceptional addition to my fitness toolbox. For $129, I have gotten more out of it than many, many other tools over the years. Ahem..bosu ball, thigh master etc. I am looking forward to making my next daily goal 15,000, but as I have just switched to 10,000 I am a few months away from that.

If you’d like to join my “friends” list on FitBit, I am under Kai Rainey. Challenge me! Lets do this.

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